Here at Audpro, we don't just help you to find the low hanging fruit for your business - we hand it to you on a plate.

And if the easy money you earn by offering MOH to your customers sounds good, it gets even better - we even help you to market the proposition to your business clients!

Here's how it works:

1. Send one of our toolbox emails below to your customers

2. They buy our music on hold under your white label

3. You mark up the cost - typically earning you £200

4. Bananas in your bank - result!

Number of new system installs per month

Number of ongoing repeat clients in your database

Number of monthly jobs you could upsell MOH

You could earn an extra £0 per month.

We help you to white label our audio services by creating a FREE online, customer portal for you.

Best of all – it’s all in your branding!


Show your customers you are the full package by offering a broader service that includes MOH


Find out more about your customers and the services they need


Increase the value of live jobs and win more business from your clients


An extra revenue stream for your business means more monkey moolah to enjoy!

The below eshots have been designed specifically to drum up business and are FREE to use. Simply send them to your client database...

...Or if that's too much monkeying around - we can send them for you, completely FREE - there's no cost to you.

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Request File

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Or if you'd rather speak to us directly, just give us a call on
0161 483 4668

Not only have Audpro helped me to increase my customer base, they've done everything for me and helped me earn more money per customer! Fantastic

Chris Jones
Cheshire Business Services.